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    7SEZ far-infrared health instrument series, is to help the body's microcirculation master,

    after testing its far-infrared wavelength of 8 to 12 microns, and more far-infrared emission rate as high as 97%,

    which is unique on the market high-quality far-infrared products.

  • Beauty Equipment




    Scrapping instrument


    Scraping is one of the common treatments of traditional Chinese medicine, the ceramic surface will produce heat when the thermostat lower Related start, while the pressurized heating process through high-quality ceramic plates produce far infrared, to help in the process of applying for scraping, promote the expansion of tiny blood vessels improve metabolism and blood circulation, remove blood stasis plot, relaxing neck and shoulder stiffness, relieve pain and fever heat stroke dizziness and discomfort. Ceramic plate corrosion pressure drop resistance, unique far-infrared function that eases pain during scraping a fever will also help the effect is more significant, rechargeable lightweight portability, the portable assistant beauty care.

    Implement different part effect :

    1. Head: Relieve headache, pain, dizziness, chaos, heat stroke, help enhance mindfulness.

    2. Neck: Relax tight muscles, reduce heat, remove Stagnation.

    3. Face: Ulthera firming massage activation, enhanced absorption.

  • Far infrared powered heating instrument


    FACE powered heating instrument

    守易立碳纤陶瓷 脸部辅健仪

    Apply skin care products are seen more effect? Have you thought about skin function out of the question?

    7SEZ health instrument high quality far-infrared radiation, absorbed through the skin surface skin, and human molecular resonance, allowing red blood cells to navigate the tiny blood vessels, peripheral vascular patency, helps transport nutrients to the cells, and take away the old waste material, enhancing the metabolism of melanin and keratin, start the skin's vitality.


    EYES powered heating instrument

    守易立碳纤陶瓷 眼部辅健仪

    This generation from morning to night non-stop for a moment to use his eyes,

    Do you see things fuzzy, unable to focus? or dryness, itching intolerable? Beware the eyes and premature aging disease.

    7SEZ health instrument using far-infrared, enhance the metabolism of melanin, promote blood circulation deep, Reduce eye fine wrinkles, Metabolic fatigue substance, remove lactic acid accumulation, soothing pressure, relieve dry eye, to enhance circulation, moist eyes, but also make your eyes touching and bright.


    NECK powered heating instrument

    守易立碳纤陶瓷 颈部辅健仪

    Common symptoms of head and neck are have pain, stiffness, numbness, dizziness, nausea, ringing in the ears, to see things blurred; there is serious and even unsteady gait, weakness.

    And by cold, damp influence factors are intervertebral disk degeneration, it will make muscle tension increases, strengthen the pressure on the intervertebral disk, causing damage to the annulus.

    7SEZ using far-infrared deep warming, make basic health care, soothing muscles, circulation, relieve the burden on the cervical spine.



    SHOULDER powered heating instrument

    守易立碳纤陶瓷 肩部辅健仪

    Through 7SEZ Far-infrared carbon fiber ceramic auxiliary instrument radiation, resonance, absorption, so deep thermal effect on the already damaged ligaments, tendon role in repair and softened the effect.

    Non-thermal effects outside the human body to promote molecular resonance, improve metabolism, red blood cells to help rule out the old waste material, supply of nutrients the cells, the active site functions, allowing you flexible and comfortable.




    WAIST powered heating instrument

    守易立碳纤陶瓷 腰部辅健仪

    Through the far-infrared and molecular resonance body can be loosened tight fat cells, thus achieving the effect of fat burning, metabolism of fat accumulation.

    7SEZ’s warm far-infrared can penetrate into the abdominal cavity, warm uterus, as gynecological health.

    Moreover women are more cold physique, often accompanied by constipation problems, also through far-infrared deep warming, promote gastrointestinal circulation, improve motility, and make body shape.


    THIGH powered heating instrument

    守易立碳纤陶瓷 大腿​辅健仪

    Cellulite is a kind of unique structure change adipose tissue, about 80% -90% of women, there are varying degrees of cellulite.

    7SEZ through far-infrared radiation, absorption, resonance, enhance detoxification,metabolism, softening and weakening horny hypertrophy, far infrared and molecular resonance body.

    Thereby bringing friction heat to fat cells, to make fat cells ending, while enhancing the tiny blood vessels dilate, metabolism of red blood cells to help peel away the fat cells, the old waste material, and to accelerate the nutrient quality of the waste exchange, enhance the skin's own function, moisturizing and delicate.

    KNEES powered heating instrument

    守易立碳纤陶瓷 膝盖辅健仪

    Human knee cartilages bear walking, running, jumping, ladder and other pressure, the structure like a sponge full of water absorption.

    Water accounts for 80% of the total weight of healthy cartilage when under pressure, will be offset by the release of the lubricating fluid movement momentum, protecting the bones, but the long years of accelerated wear knee cartilage degradation, resulting in gradually dry like a lack of lubrication of the gear.

    7SEZ use far-infrared deep warming enhance tiny blood vessels to dilate, promoting metabolism, health knee cartilage, suitable as a warm-up before and after exercise joints, elderly care, as retirement reservation free stride healthy life.

    SHORT Foots powered heating instrument

    守易立碳纤陶瓷 短足辅健仪

    Plantar fasciitis occurs often simply "degraded" issue, with human aging, degeneration of ligaments and tendons continued loss, relaxation, remaining plantar fascia support the weight and shock absorption.

    Many patients are not aware of physical degradation, continued climbing, jogging, carry heavy loads, even in order to avoid pain, so that let the other foot over burden.

    7SEZ Far-infrared instrument with physical and human molecular resonance, resulting in a deep heat, help activate tissue regeneration and repair.The thermal effect promotes the blood circulation, and softens the tissue, reduce pain.

    LONG Foots powered heating instrument

    守易立碳纤陶瓷 长足辅健仪

    When the body's blood circulation to the lower limbs, due to gravity, aging and other issues, easy to poor circulation, blocked in the legs, Long suppressed blood is like a pool of stagnant water, the surrounding cells cannot get nutrients through the blood circulation and cause varicose veins, ulcer wounds, necrosis.

    In addition, the accumulated stasis blood in the legs, can also cause heart consume more power, trying to blood returning to the heart, over time, resulting burden on the heart, poor blood circulation, fatigue, weakness, swollen limbs, and dizziness.

    7SEZ Far-infrared instrument complete covering feet, started lower limb circulation, make foots beauty and soft, gentle, comfortable.

    Back&Spine powered heating instrument

    守易立碳纤陶瓷 脊背辅健仪

    Most modern nutritionally adequate, material abundance, but it ignores the social civilization brought about stress, pressure, formation of “sub-health”, the human body function down, fatigue, stiffness, insomnia.

    In Chinese medicine treatment, the human spine is located at “Du”, mean circulation of spine affecting the regulation of human blood, which is function of the body, spirit and vitality.

    7SEZ BACK Far-infrared instrument, can be used as cushions, mattresses, from head to foot to take care of your health, the use of sleep every day to help relieve stiff spine, reduce pain, sleep at ease, allow the body to fully rest.


    Multifunctional powered heating instrument

    守易立碳纤陶瓷 多功能​辅健仪

    2017 the latest, lightweight and convenient multi-purpose blanket, with same high-quality far-infrared radiation can be used as cushions, or place on the legs, waist, shoulders, elbows, knees and other parts of the discomfort.

    As a passive simple far-infrared hyperthermia facility is also available as a pet care blanket, is an affordable economic product.



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